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                Chinese rail transit pioneer

                Builds thoroughfare for the city


                In 1983



                Large-size tunnel boring machines


                Modernized construction machinery & equipment


                Subsidiaries and branches

                RMB10billion +

                Total assets


                The full name of Zhongnan Civil Engineering is "Beijing Urban Construction Zhongnan Civil Engineering Group Co., Ltd.", whose predecessor was an infrastructure construction company founded collectively by some veterans in 1983. In 2006, it was restructured. In 2010, its joint stock system transformation was completed and it was turned into a group company. In 2014, its investment and financing segment came into being. In 2016, its overseas company was founded. It is a technology-intensive national Class-I building enterprise integrating scientific research, design and construction in one company.

                It has EPC Class-I qualification and several special contracting Class-I qualifications in municipal & public works, highway and house construction, and has formed six major service fields: subway, municipal works, expressway, house construction, investment & financing and equipment leasing, involving the industrial layout integrating investment, construction and operation, with its business covering every part of China and many overseas projects.

                Numerous honors, showing the capability of great master
                • 1 Special Luban Prize
                • 8 Luban Prizes
                • 6 National Civil Engineering Zhantianyou Prizes
                • Over 30 Structure Great Cup Awards
                • Over 50 provincial and municipal excellent project awards
                • 1 National Class-I Workmanship
                • 20 national patents
                • 15 national and provincial scientific research awards
                • Excellent Chinese Enterprise
                • National high-tech enterprise accreditation
                • China (Industry) Top 10 Competitive Brands
                • Top 100 Chinese Construction Enterprises
                • Advanced Enterprise of Construction Works in Beijing
                • Capital Spiritual Civilization Unit
                • Capital May 1st Labor Diploma
                • Chinese Enterprise with Excellent Actual Quality
                • Industrial Unit Most Favored by Buyers in China
                • Trustworthy Unit
                • Most Influential Building Enterprise in 21st Century
                • Credit Rating AAA Enterprise

                Premium Projects

                Contact Details

                Zhongnan Civil Engineering

                10/F, Block B, Building 1, Jiaoao Center, 59 Huagong Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
                Postal Code: