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                Green construction pioneer

                Win the future of city together


                Special Class-I qualification

                Issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development in March, 2012


                Nationally authorized patents

                The 38th

                Among ENR's 2018 Top 250 International Contractors


                As a wholly-owned core subsidiary of Zhongnan Group, Zhongnan Construction has the national qualification of Special-class General Contractor of building construction, Class-A design qualification in construction industry, Class-I qualification of general contractor for highway works, Class-I qualification of general contractor for municipal utilities. In addition, it also has many special work qualifications, such as Class-I qualification for architectural ornament & decoration, Class-I qualification for mechanical & electrical equipment installation, Class-I qualification for special contractor of bridge works and Class-I qualification for foundation works. It is a licensed overseas project contractor and labor services exporter approved by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation.

                Through 31 years of development, Zhongnan Construction has become a leader in the construction industry of Jiangsu Province and the private general contractor with the most self-owned workers in China. It has been involved in the construction of hundreds of large projects, and won over 60 national high-quality project awards, such as Luban Prize and Zhantianyou Prize. It also won over a hundred provincial high-quality project awards such as "Taishan Cup", "Yangzi Cup" and "Great Wall Cup", and participated in the preparation of tens of industry standards. As a "Green construction pioneer and win-win example" in the industry, the company has built an integrated industrial pattern, integrating house construction, building installation, decoration, industrial equipment installation, steel structure, NPC, municipal roads & bridges, infrastructure, utility tunnel and underground structure. Relying on its advantage in industry chain and special Class-I qualification, it has become a brand service provider trusted by customers.


                • National Excellent Construction Enterprise
                • Top 100 Competitors in Chinese Construction Industry
                • Top 100 Companies in Construction Industry of Jiangsu Province (General Strength)
                • Top 100 Competitors in Construction Industry of Jiangsu Province
                • Annual Outstanding Contributor to Modernization of Construction Industry of Jiangsu Province
                • Technological Advancement and Technological Innovation Enterprise
                • Trustworthy Enterprise
                • AAA Credit Enterprise in National Construction Industry
                • Credit Rating AAA Enterprise

                Ranking in the industry:

                • The 8th in the list of Top 500 Chinese Construction Enterprises in 2017
                • The 6th in the Top 50 Chinese Building Contractors
                • The 38th among ENR's 2018 Top 250 International Contractors
                Nantong Sports & Exhibition Center
                Suzhou Zhongnan Center

                Business Scope

                Contact Details

                Zhongnan Construction

                12/F, Zhongnan Building, 899 Shanghai Road, Haimen, Jiangsu
                Postal Code: