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                Integrated development

                Professional investment new platform



                Registered capital



                RMB700billion +

                Total investment amount


                Zhongnan Investment is a wholly-owned subsidiary under Zhongnan Group. It was incorporated in December, 2016, with registered capital of RMB 2 billion and over 400 employees. Now Zhongnan Construction Investment has implemented over 40 investment projects, covering various areas such as sponge city construction, utility tunnel, education, medical, environmental protection, industrial park and culture & sports, with total investment amount of over RMB 70 billion.

                Development positioning

                Relying on the advantageous resources of Zhongnan Group in 10 major industry chains, Zhongnan Construction Investment implements the group strategy of "linkage of investment, construction, development and operation". With urban renewal and construction investment business as its development direction and basic profit means, it is a professional integrated investment platform which takes an active part in and leads the new urbanization, infrastructure and utilities construction on behalf of Zhongnan.

                Huoshan County Sports Center

                Business Scope

                Starting from sparks of fire, it spreads out to the national market.

                Now, the investment areas of Zhongnan Investment have basically covered the whole China, centered on Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong, Hunan, Hubei and Sichuan, with the "Belt and Road", "Changjiang River Economic Belt" and "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei" as the core for investment layout, and four major regional market divisions have been set up for East China, North China, Southwest China and Central China.

                Relying on clear strategic layout, excellent teams and strong support of the group, Zhongnan Investment has implemented many investment and financing projects. The awarded projects cover various areas such as sponge city construction, utility tunnel, house building projects, schools, medical & nursing, and water system landscape, with total investment amount up to RMB 30 billion. It is a rising star in the investment field.

                Business Description

                Zhongnan Investment is devoted to constructing an integrated operation platform facing multiple fields and multiple formats for comprehensive development of city, and is engaged in numerous fields of infrastructure and public services. With PPP as its basic model, it is actively exploring diversified models of engagement, and building a steady win-win partnership with governments.

                Zhongnan Investment provides professional urban integration operation plan and integration service for the governments, injects new dreams into the cities, provides pivot points for life and is determined to promote the realization of the Chinese Dream.


                Accumulate energy and add momentum for city development, from early planning and implementation, fully showing the people-oriented philosophy.

                City renovation

                People-oriented resident space improvement is merged into city planning, helping the governments to complete livelihood projects.

                Municipal operation

                Help the governments to promote urbanization services with the core idea of "City Operation" and the management approach of modern city.

                Medical & nursing

                It is devoted to building large-size, full-featured and high-quality international standard medical & nursing communities, based on medical & nursing combination, active nursing and comfortable living.

                Characteristic town

                Surpass cities and reconstruct towns with advanced civilization. Create a better living space and lifestyle.

                Environmental protection

                Take an active part in the investment, construction and operation of environmental protection projects such as sewage treatment, solid waste and hazardous waste treatment, to contribute to the environmental protection cause.

                Culture & sports

                Deeply match the temperament of city from construction of the basic functions to the inclusion of humanism, making "Cultural Landmark" a spiritual bond.

                Industrial new city

                The urban development innovation model with people as the core, industrial development as the foundation and "Industry-city Merger" as the typical feature; and the people-oriented urban development philosophy.

                Rural complex

                Integrated development of industry and cross use of rural assets, helping the development of emerging industries in rural areas.

                Premium Projects

                Contact Details

                Zhongnan Construction Investment