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                Triple arrows shot together

                To open a new financial layout



                Zhongnan Finance was founded in early 2016 as a financial investment platform to implement the development strategy of its parent company Zhongnan Group: To be driven by "Industry, Capital and Asset".

                Since its incorporation, the business of Zhongnan Finance has growth rapidly, and now its accumulated asset management scale has been over RMB 20 billion. Zhongnan Finance is positioned as "a financial service provider focusing on real estate and construction fields", with its business focusing on three major fields: real estate finance, bad asset disposal and supply chain finance. It mainly carries out business of real estate assets M&A, bad asset disposal, financial equity investment, small loan and pawning, financial leasing, commercial factoring, private equity fund and wealth management, and has formed a complete industry chain.

                Business Scope

                Contact Details

                Zhongnan Finance

                9/F, Building A, 1068 West Tianshan Road, Changning District, Shanghai
                Postal Code: