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                Building homes and cities

                31 years of construction in China


                The 19th

                Among top 500 Chinese private enterprises

                The 94th

                Among top 500 Chinese enterprises


                Industrial sectors

                Group Profile

                Established in 1988, Zhongnan Group currently has ten industrial sectors, namely Zoina Land, Zhongnan Construction, Zhongnan Construction Investment, Zhongnan Civil Engineering, Zhongnan Garden, Zhongnan High-tech, Zhongnan Finance, Zhongnan Capital, Zhongnan Industry and Zhongnan Education, along with two listed companies, Zhongnan Construction Group (SZ000961) and Panshi New Energy (871460), having business presence in 26 provinces and more than 160 cities across the country and overseas markets such as Australia and Algeria. The Group has 763 legal entities and 941 projects under construction. Today’s Zhongnan Group ranks the 94th among the top 500 Chinese companies, the 19th among the top 500 private companies in China, the 17th among Chinese real estate companies and the 8th among the top 500 Chinese construction companies.

                Building of the 6th HQ of Zhongnan Group

                Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors

                This is an era of change

                Zhongnan’s growth in 31 years, always practicing innovations and changes with unswerving determination

                It is impossible to copy the past 31 years, during which the Zhongnan people were fortunate to grow from a small contracting team of 28 people with a capital of RMB5,000 to a large listed company with business presence across the five continents, ranking the 38th among ENR2018 top 250 global contractors and the 17th among Chinese real estate development companies in 2019.

                All good principles should adapt to changing times to remain relevant. The iron army of Zhongnan will work hard to deeply cultivate more than 100 cities across the country and practice the Chinese dream.

                Looking back at history, “Iron Army" and “nature of wolves” are the figure of Zhongnan’s entrepreneurship; looking to the future, opportunities and challenges still set the blood of the brave Zhongnan people on fire.

                Extend the glory of the sages and be the pioneer for the forerunners. After walking the impregnable path for 31 years, Zhongnan has come across a new starting point. The industrial structure of Zhongnan is undergoing a green transformation, and its 10 industrial sectors have taken shape. With the trends of Internet+, Big Data, intelligent manufacturing and 10 trillion PPPs, Zhongnan has carried out industry-finance integration, three-wheel drive and joint cooperation between investors, developers, constructors and operators, having launched a new journey for its ranking in the top 100 of top 500 Chinese companies and in the top 500 companies in the world.

                In the future, the Zhongnan people will be more confident and uphold the corporate soul of “being diligent, brave, wise and credible, making surprising move while following conventions, and walking together with strivers”, with the cultural system of “same heart, same belief” as the guide, being open, emancipating the mind, gathering strength to strive forward, always working hard and obeying laws and disciplines, and sailing toward the beautiful Chinese dream of “allowing employees to succeed, serving the country, benefiting the society, achieving worldwide acclaim, and creating a century-old foundation”!

                Chen Jinshi

                Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Zhongnan Holding Group
                Deputy to the 12th and 13th National People’s Congress
                Winner of National May 1st Labor Medal
                China Top 10 Philanthropic Entrepreneurs

                Management Team