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                Everlasting party spirit and evergreen foundation

                Adhering to the party line and fully implementing the party building work
                Party Building at Zhongnan

                Introduction to the Party Committee

                Party Committee of Zhongnan

                The party branch of Zhongnan Holding Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1988 and upgraded to the general party branch in 2002. In June 2007, the party committee of Zhongnan Holding Group Co., Ltd. was established. At present, the party committee of the company has two general party branches, 39 party branches and 655 party members.

                In the past 31 years, Zhongnan has attached great importance to the party building work. Following the practice of building party branches on the company level, the Group has established party branches in all the subsidiaries and branches across the country, which has become a model of party-building innovation with Zhongnan characteristics and has been well received by party committees at all levels.

                The Party Committee of Zhongnan has been named as a demonstration spot of the party building work in Haimen, a demonstration spot of the party building work in Nantong City, and an advanced grassroots party organization in the city. The Party Committee of Zhongnan has actively fulfilled the political, economic and social responsibilities of a company and made continuous contribution to the promotion of Zhongnan’s brand competitiveness.