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                Creating a century-old Chinese dream

                With the same heart and the same belief

                Corporate Culture

                Corporate Culture

                Zhongnan’s culture of “same heart, same belief” is a concentrated expression of the core values formed by Zhongnan in the 31 years and a general summary of Zhongnan’s core cultural system.

                Zhongnan always adheres to having the same heart with the country, the nation, customers, investors, partners, companies, employees and strivers;
                Adheres to have the same belief with customers, investors, partners, companies, employees and those with the same heart.

                Corporate Soul

                Being diligent, brave, wise and credible

                Making surprising move while following conventions

                Walking together with strivers

                Corporate Mission

                Extending the glory of the sages

                Being the pioneer for the forerunners

                Creating a beautiful future

                Corporate Spirit

                Nature of wolves




                Corporate Vision

                Allowing employees to succeed

                Serving the country

                Benefiting the society

                Achieving worldwide acclaim

                Creating a century-old foundation