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                Creating a century-old Chinese dream

                With the same heart and the same belief

                Brand Building

                Brand Slogan

                BUILDING HOMES
                BUILDING CITIES
                STARTING THE FUTURE

                “Building homes” is intended to emphasize the intention of the builders of Zhongnan Group to build people’s homes;

                “Building cities” reflects the determination of Zhongnan Group to combine resources to build a beautiful “Chinese Dream” with the same heart;

                “Starting the Future” reflects the significance of Zhongnan Group in the future city development.
                Setting a benchmark and starting a bright future.

                Brand Positioning

                Builder of
                Good life in urban and rural areas

                In the next 30 years, Zhongnan will seize the huge market of 34 provincial capital cities, more than 300 prefecture-level cities, more than 2,800 counties and more than 30,000 townships and towns across the country, keep pace with the country’s urban and rural development, and continuously achieve leap-forward development.

                In the next three years, Zhongnan will gradually transform into a “builder of diverse good life in urban and rural areas”, focusing on real estate and construction industries, giving priority to the development of related diversification and industrial diversification, moderately developing industries with diversified advantages, and participating in the construction of an all-round and integrated good life of urban and rural residents in the fields of production, living, consumption, education and health.

                Zhongnan, as a builder, and with a diversified layout, will always resonate with the times, changing, integrating, enriching and growing rapidly, and constantly striving to build a sustainable future for the brand, customers and the country.

                Real Estate


                Construction Investment

                Civil Engineering